Blossom's journey with our early years Skills Bootcamps


From nervous beginner to confident professional, Blossom's story demonstrates the real impact that our Skills Bootcamps can have on your career.

Nervous beginnings and high hopes:

Blossom began her journey with mixed emotions. “I was both nervous and excited about starting the Skills Bootcamp. Early years education has become an area that I am really enthusiastic about, so being able to pursue it through this course made me very happy. I was eager to learn and grow my skills to better prepare for working in early years.”

Many of us can relate to the blend of excitement and apprehension that comes with starting something new. Blossom’s eagerness to learn and her passion for early years education laid the foundation for a transformative experience.

Building confidence through overcoming challenges:

Confidence was a significant challenge for Blossom: “One of my main challenges was my confidence. I often second guess myself or stumble on my words, especially in interviews,” she admitted. However, with the support and structured learning from the Skills Bootcamp, she discovered her potential. “The programme helped me realise that I do have the ability to learn and understand the key aspects of early years education.”

Empowerment through visible progress:

Routine skills scorecards were crucial in boosting Blossom’s confidence: “The course helped me to believe in myself through these scorecards. Tracking my progress showed me I was improving, which really boosted my confidence.”

This continuous assessment and feedback mechanism kept her motivated throughout the programme.

Flexibility and practical benefits of online learning:

The flexibility of the online course format was another highlight for Blossom: “The online course is a great idea because it allows people from all over England to attend. It is good that the course organises a job interview for everyone at the end. Overall, the course is an excellent idea for anyone considering getting into early years without committing to a full level 2 apprenticeship.”

This accessibility ensures more people can benefit from our Skills Bootcamps, no matter where they are located.

Words of wisdom for future learners:

For those considering joining our Skills Bootcamps, Blossom offers valuable advice: “Stick to it. The six weeks fly by, so attend every session and don’t hesitate to ask questions. The tutors are very friendly.”

Her advice highlights the importance of dedication and active engagement in making the most of the Skills Bootcamp experience.

Join our Skills Bootcamps:

If Blossom’s story inspires you and you’re thinking, “I want to do that too!”, enrol in our Skills Bootcamps today and start your journey towards a rewarding career in early years education: 

  • Flexible learning options: Choose from online live classes or in-person sessions (limited locations). Complete the Skills Bootcamp in just 3-12 weeks.
  • Comprehensive support: Benefit from the guidance of a dedicated careers coach throughout your journey.
  • Save on costs: We cover the costs of your DBS application and paediatric first aid certificate.
  • Guaranteed interview: Secure an interview for a paid level 3 early years educator apprenticeship role at a local nursery. Don’t let misconceptions about apprenticeships hold you back – there is no upper age limit, and our employers offer competitive wages above the apprenticeship standard.
  • Faster qualifications: Our Skills Bootcamps save you 6 months of learning time, helping you qualify sooner.

Don’t wait to join a growing and rewarding sector! Start your journey with Realise today.

This programme is perfect for anyone aged 19 and over who isn’t currently working in early years, including unemployed individuals and those considering a career change. The early years sector offers a fulfilling career path with numerous opportunities for growth and development.

Visit our early years Skills Bootcamps page to find out more.

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