A journey of confidence and growth with Realise


From a care setting to a new career path, Helen found her confidence through a fully funded course by Realise.

About Helen:

Helen Beswick, a dedicated mother from Heywood, had previously worked in a care setting before deciding to take a break to focus on raising her daughter. After five years, she felt ready to re-enter the workforce but knew she needed a boost in confidence. That’s when she discovered an advert for Realise on the ‘Get Rochdale Working’ Facebook page and decided to apply for the Preparing To Work In School’s course. Fully funded by Greater Manchester Combined Authority and delivered by Realise, meaning she had nothing to pay towards boosting her knowledge and preparing herself to return to work.

We asked Helen why she wanted to complete the course:

“I was looking for opportunities that would help me regain my confidence and prepare me for the workforce again. When I saw the advert for Realise, I knew it was exactly what I needed. The fact that the course was fully funded was a huge bonus.”

We asked Helen what she has taken away from the course:

“The course has been a game-changer for me. Not only did it help me regain my confidence, but it also equipped me with the skills I needed to navigate the job market. The support from the Realise team was incredible, and I felt motivated every step of the way.”

After completing the Preparing to Work in Schools course, Helen then decided to apply for Understanding Autism level one. She found the course both informative and beneficial so progressed onto Understanding Autism level two.

With three brilliant new additions to her CV, Helen can apply for jobs in schools with confidence knowing she has the knowledge to demonstrate her skillset.

Helen’s thirst for knowledge and motivation to find a career working with children continues, she told us:

“I’m hoping to complete the early years level two with Realise and hopefully get a job working with children or young people on the autistic spectrum.”

“What Realise is doing to help people like me, that wouldn’t be able to afford such courses or have time for an evening course at college I think is great. Realise is more than just a training provider, they are a lifeline. I would just like to say thank you for helping me to gain extra qualifications and more confidence.”

Helen Beswick

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