Sarah Parveen: From secondary school teacher to hairstyling with Realise


Sarah completed a free hairdressing course and is now using her skills not just professionally, but also personally on her daughters hair.

About Sarah Parveen:

A former secondary school teacher turned stay-at-home mum, decided to take a step forward in her career by enrolling in the hairdressing course offered by Realise. With a desire to learn and a passion for creativity, Sarah saw this as an opportunity to acquire new skills and enhance her personal life while opening doors for potential professional opportunities.

We asked Sarah why she wanted to complete the hairdressing course:

“After spending years in the education sector and then dedicating my time to raising my children, I felt it was time to do something for myself. I’ve always been interested in hairdressing, especially since I have daughters. I wanted to learn professional techniques so that I could use them at home. But more than that, I saw this course as a chance to gain a skill that could lead to employment in the future.”

We asked Sarah what she has taken away from the course:

“The course has been incredibly beneficial. Not only have I learned professional hairdressing techniques, but I’ve also gained confidence in my abilities. It’s wonderful to be able to practice my skills on my daughters hair. They love their new hairstyles, and I love that I can provide that for them.”

“Realise has allowed me to learn and grow. The hairdressing course was engaging and practical, and I’m excited about the doors it may open for me in the future.”

Sarah Parveen

Sarah told us: “The training I received for the hairdressing course has been very beneficial. I have learned a lot about products, hair textures, and styling different hairs. Pauline was my mentor, and was a great help, she had a lot of experience and was equipped with knowledge about hairdressing. She was able to guide, suppose, and answer all queries.”

Sarah explained to us the different parts of her course:

“I enjoyed carrying out practical work more than theory. The practical allowed me to practice hairstyles on a mannequin, plus feedback from Pauline allowed me to progress further.”

With newfound skills and knowledge, Sarah is now looking to embark on a career in hairdressing.

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