Adult care bridging programme

Looking to advance your career in health and social care but being held back? The adult care bridging programme could be the perfect solution.

Course overview

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4 weeks



About the course

The adult care bridging programme aims to address barriers experienced by learners to accessing level 3 qualifications, as well as developing their confidence and ambition to progress in their career working in the adult care sector.

The curriculum has been designed to develop and deepen the knowledge of the care worker, provide opportunities to progress within the sector (such as in-work development or promotion) and in turn to progress to level 3 qualifications, then move on to level 4 and 5.

Whilst on programme, the curriculum is planned to provide learners with the necessary tools for employment and future learning, providing insight into a variety of job roles, educational courses and qualification based on their aspirations.

What’s more, thanks to local funding from West Yorkshire Combined Authority, this qualification can be completed for free.

Is this course right for you?

This is the ideal programme for care workers who want to move to the next stage of their career, but don’t have a level 3 qualification for whatever reason. It aims to break down barriers to make progression possible.

What you’ll learn

Over just four weeks, learners will complete online study which will cover topics such as:

  • Professional progression routes
  • The role of a lead adult care worker
  • Failures in care and safeguarding legislation
  • Handling challenging behaviour
  • Coaching techniques and how to apply theory

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How you’ll learn

Learners will attend online study which will be guided by an industry-expert trainer, followed by completing tasks to support learning. Individualised support will be provided as needed and opportunities will be given for learners to continually reflect throughout.

Frequently asked questions

What is the level 2 health and social care bridging programme?

The level 2 health and social care bridging programme is designed to address any barriers to progress you towards the level 3 qualification.

How can you progress in a care career?

The level 2 bridging qualification is the ideal programme to gain skills and a qualification to progress further.

What job can you get with the Level 2 Health and Social Care bridging course?

The level 2 health and social care bridging course could lead to job roles such as, carer, care assistant, caregiver, domiciliary carer or health care assistant.

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