Together we make the world a little bit better.


At Realise, we’re proud of the work we do every day as a responsible company.

Reaching goals

Through our apprenticeships and adult education programmes, we help people to change their lives and reach their goals. However, we recognise that there are areas in which we could do more to make the world a little bit better.

It’s because of this, that our social value champions have been working hard to define how we can improve – and we’re delighted to share that they’ve come up with four key areas for us to focus on.


Our people

Making Realise a brilliant place to work, where everyone feels supported and valued.


Our communities

Building upon how we engage with our stakeholders and communities.


Our environment

Improving our impact on the environment.


Our charitable partnership

Working with Mind to improve support for Mental Health.

What’s next?

Using our four social value pillars, we will be working on new initiatives throughout the year to improve our social value contributions. These new initiatives will be communicated with you on a regular basis.

Where do I go if I have a question about social values?

We encourage everyone to get involved. If you have a question or would like to start up an initiative, please contact one of the social value champions.

If you would like to talk to us about social values email or call 0333 444 5055

Current initiatives

Travel around the world in 2021

Can Realise go around the world for Mind? That’s the question we want everyone involved in answering! Our starting point will be Mind headquarters in London. From there, either by walking, running, biking, or however you can, we will travel 40,07.5 km (that’s just over, 24,901 miles) for an amazing charity!

Our target is a whopping £3,000!

Please follow this link to donate today:

Keep track of our progress below.

Mind Head Office – London (0 miles)

1st March 2021

Dusseldorf – Germany (446.19 miles)

9th March 2021

Zaragoza – Spain (673.63 miles)

16th March 2021

Oran – Algeria (1,100 miles)

23rd March 2021

St. Petersburg – Russia (1305 miles)

30th March 2021

Western Sahara (1724 miles)

6th April 2021

Nuuk – Greenland (2019 miles)

13th April 2021

Luxor – Egypt (2500 miles)

20th April 2021

Salt Lake City – Utah (5107 miles)

26th April 2021

Madagascar (5,865.30 miles)

11th May 2021

Bandung – Indonesia (6290 miles)

18th May 2021

Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia (6,598 miles)

1st June 2021

Rancagua – Chile (7,312 miles)

14th July 2021

kupang – Indonesia (8244.13 Miles)

13th August 2021

Whangarei – New Zealand (11,311 miles)

2nd September 2021

Berkner – Antartica (14,102 miles)

7th February 2021

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