Solution launched to nursery staff shortage in Hertfordshire


Around 100 new nursery workers are set to be created across Hertfordshire after a funded training programme to help people fast-track into a career in early years was launched.

Training programme to create 100 new nursery professionals

The Skills Bootcamps will run for the next 12 months, creating dozens of new recruits to the sector.

There is a desperate need to attract new people into early years nationwide after the Government announced an expansion to funded hours for childcare which was launched in April and will continue to be implemented over the next 18 months.

“For the learner, it’s the chance to take the first steps to forging a new career and for nursery settings, it’s an opportunity to bring new talent to their team.”

Karen Derbyshire, Operations Director at Realise

Guaranteed interview for a paid apprenticeship role

The course takes three weeks in person and up to 12 weeks online.

The Skills Bootcamps are funded by the Department for Education and are open to anyone aged over 19. They are fully funded to anybody not currently employed in early years.

Individuals who complete the Skills Bootcamp will be guaranteed an interview for a job with a local nursery and will automatically be eligible to begin a level 3 accelerated apprenticeship when they secure employment.

Comment from Karen Derbyshire

Karen Derbyshire, Operations Director for early years here at Realise, said: “With the number of children eligible for free childcare set to grow substantially in the next 18 months, it’s more important than ever to not only attract new people to the sector but to get them progressing through appropriate training.

“Hertfordshire Futures has identified a need to create more nursery practitioners in the area and we are delighted to be supporting that programme.

“The Skills Bootcamps are a real opportunity for people who are currently unemployed, in another job but looking for a new career, or people who have worked in early years before and are now looking to return to the sector.

“For the learner, it is a chance to take the first steps to forging a new career and for nursery settings, it’s an opportunity to bring new talent into their team.”

Access to career support and DBS checks

As well as securing a guaranteed interview, those completing the Skills Bootcamps will also have access to career coaches. The process of receiving enhanced DBS checks will begin during the training.

The Skills Bootcamps can be accessed by those working in early years who have not yet secured a level 3 apprenticeship, although the employer must contribute 10% of the costs if it’s an SME or 30% for larger operators.

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