What is the apprenticeship wage?

What is an Apprenticeship Agreement?

An apprenticeship agreement is a written contract between an employer and an apprentice that spells out the terms and conditions of the apprenticeship.

What does the apprenticeship agreement contain?

The apprenticeship agreement should contain information about the duties and responsibilities of both the apprentice and the employer. It should also spell out how long the apprenticeship will last, as well as the wages that will be paid. Finally, it should contain information about any training or education that the apprentice will receive during the apprenticeship.

What is in an apprenticeship agreement?

In you apprenticeship agreement you will find details on employment arrangements, expected working conditions and also information about the apprenticeship programme you’re enrolled on.

This document will be provided to both yourself and your employer.

An apprenticeship agreement contains the following information about your apprenticeship programme:

  • A commitment statement
  • Type of employment and the length of time you’ll be training
  • The skill, trade or occupation the apprenticeship is being training under
  • Your job role specification
  • The amount of hours spent in off the job training
  • Expected working conditions
  • Your rate of pay
  • Additional information from your training provider

Not sure where to start?

It’s important that you choose the right programme for your needs. Our training experts are on hand to advise you on the options available and the solutions we can create to help you achieve organisational ambitions.

Frequently asked questions

What is included in an apprenticeship agreement?

An apprenticeship agreement must include: the skill, trade or occupation the apprentice is being trained for, the name of the apprenticeship they’re working towards, the start and end dates for the apprenticeship and the amount of training you’ll give them. In addition a commitment statement must be signed by the training provider, the employer and apprentice.


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