Ben made the decision to change career path and he hasn't looked back!


With a fully funded one week course, Ben progressed his career from a builders merchant, to a learner engagement officer with the customer service course at Realise.

Ben’s story

Ben was working for a local builders merchant and wanted a career change, he was not sure in what sector but was open to different opportunities. When a Realise advert popped up on Facebook, Ben thought why not and now he is our new Learner Engagement Officer!

“I was unemployed and looking for somewhere new to work. I saw a Facebook advert for a course with a guaranteed job interview at the end. The guaranteed interview wasn’t the only thing to prompt me into starting this course. I felt that doing the course was a good way to recap British values and other customer service / PED techniques.”

“The training was very easy-going and stress free. Usually, when people hear that they’re doing a course they start to worry. However, doing my course with Realise they made the process quick and smooth. The course in general was fun, interactive way of learning about customer service and PED.”

Ben Hobson, Learner Engagement Officer.

Ben’s words

“I was working for a local builder’s merchant as a sales representative, managing customer accounts and calling possible customers. When I saw a Facebook advert come up and thought its free, why not! My advice would be just turn up, You won’t regret coming”

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