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Kristian Websdale recently completed a level 3 learning and development practitioner apprenticeship and has gone on to win ‘coaching/training manager of the year’ at the 2021 UK National Contact Centre Awards.

We caught up with Kristian to hear more about his apprenticeship journey, what it’s like to work at BT, and his recent awards success.

Discovering his love of learning

Kristian first worked for a community sports foundation, coaching children from different backgrounds in various sports. This helped him to develop not only his love of learning but his desire to share his knowledge with others.

Kristian then joined BT, and he initially started working as an apprentice line manager. In this role, Kristian quickly developed an interest in learning and development in particular recognising, developing, and nurturing the talents of others. Because of this, it wasn’t long before he secured a new role as a training delivery professional in BT’s HR department.

Kristian told us about his career, saying: “As my career has progressed, I found myself naturally gravitating to learning and development roles. I love learning new things but sharing that learning with others sits closer to my heart.”

A supportive employer

Throughout his apprenticeship journey, Kristain has been supported by not only Realise as his training provider, but his employer, BT.  Kristian told us about his experience of working at BT.

He said: “I have been here for nearly 8 years now and I have enjoyed every minute. The opportunities are incredible, and the people are the best to work with. My job involves helping colleagues across the business with training courses, whether it’s new joiners or existing staff.”

I think what Kristian has achieved highlights the values that form the foundation of our partnership with BT

James O’Connor, head of account management at Realise

The opportunities are incredible, and the people are the best to work with.

Kristian talking about the working environment at BT

Do it! You will learn and have fun at the same time.

Kristian’s advice to others about apprenticeships

Using an apprenticeship to develop his skills

Kristian decided that he wanted to use his passion for learning to develop his skills so that he could further enhance the talents of others. He decided an apprenticeship was the best option for him as he could earn, learn, and achieve in a way that suited him.

Kristian said: “I chose to do an apprenticeship because I love learning. I relished the chance for a new challenge; I knew an apprenticeship would help me to further develop and fine-tune my skills.”

Kristian also told us about how he found the apprenticeship application process.

Kristian said: “it was simple and easy, I provided my details, and the rest was pretty much all sorted for me which was great.

Additionally, when asked what his advice to others thinking of doing an apprenticeship Kristian said: “Do it! You will learn and have fun at the same time.”

Winning training manager of the year

Kristian was nominated for the 2021 UK National Contact Centre awards by a colleague, who had gathered testimonials about him from his BT colleagues.

He mentioned the positive impact being nominated had on him saying: “It is so nice when a colleague takes the time to recognise the great work you have done!”

Kristian was a little overwhelmed when he found out he was nominated for the prestigious training manager of the year award but said he was even more shocked when he won.

Kristian said, “being nominated and becoming a finalist was amazing but then to win, it was just an unreal feeling of gratitude and self-pride.”

James O’Connor, head of account management at Realise, also commented on Kristian’s success and said:

“Firstly, congratulations to Kristian, it’s a great achievement and I wish him continued success in his career with BT.”

“I think what Kristian has achieved highlights the values that form the foundation of our partnership with BT. The apprenticeship programmes Realise deliver, as well as with career development opportunities BT offer, really focus on creating an environment and learner experience.”

Kristian has done exceptionally well during his time at BT and we wish him all the best in the future. Congratulations Kristian!

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