Building confidence and skills in early years with Skills Bootcamps


Have you ever wanted to work with young children but worried you lack the skills or experience you need to make the first step?

Skills for success

Meet Milica, one of our learners who transformed her initial nerves into a launchpad for a career in education, all thanks to our early years Skills Bootcamps.

Our early years Skills Bootcamps are not just another training programme – they are designed to give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to thrive in early years. Combining theoretical learning with practical, hands-on experience, we cover a wide range of topics relevant to working in nursery settings.

From nervous to confident

Milica, like many others, started the course feeling a bit apprehensive. “No prior experience made me nervous,” she admits. But her passion fuelled her excitement. “Learning alongside other like-minded people really boosted my confidence,” she adds.

As Milica delved deeper into the curriculum, surrounded by a supportive group, her nervousness melted away. “The course content and the amazing people in our group really helped me feel sure of myself and ready to tackle this new path,” she shares.

Challenges welcomed

Moving into a new field comes with hurdles, and Milica acknowledges that. What surprised her though, was how quickly she was able to overcome them. “The programme made it easy and even enjoyable to bridge the gap in my experience,” she says. This wasn’t just about acquiring new skills – Milica’s natural intuition blossomed alongside her technical expertise.

A supportive springboard

Our dedicated team played a crucial role in Milica’s success, by identifying her strengths and providing personalised support. “Every single person involved in the programme was incredibly helpful and welcoming,” Milica emphasised. This nurturing environment, combined with tailored training, propelled her forward.

More than just skills

Milica’s story goes beyond acquiring skills. It’s about self-discovery and empowerment. “The programme helped me see the skills I already had that could be applied in a nursery setting,” she reflects.

Armed with this newfound confidence, she is ready to make her mark in early years education.

A Trainer’s view

Ian Mullock, Trainer Assessor at Realise, echoes this sentiment. “Milica’s dedication and adaptability throughout the programme were fantastic. Her passion for early years education was clear from the start, paving the way for growth and success,” he says.

Milica’s journey doesn’t end there

Thanks to the strong foundation she build on our early years Skills Bootcamps, Milica was able to secure a paid role at Elm House, Childwall, and transition onto our level 3 early years educator apprenticeship. This accelerated programme will save Milica up to 6 months of learning time, ensuring she is qualified in her dream role all the sooner.

Ready to start your journey?

Milica’s story is a testament to the powerful impact of our early years Skills Bootcamps. We combine hands-on experience, theoretical knowledge and personalised support to empower individuals like you to launch fulfilling careers in early years education.

Take the first step towards a rewarding and impactful future – contact us today.

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