Apprenticeship programme overview

Our comprehensive approach ensures that apprentices not only achieve their qualification but also develop the essential skills and behaviours necessary for their specific roles.

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Discover a new standard in apprenticeship training with Realise. As the market leader, we bring over thirty years of expertise in delivering cutting-edge apprenticeship standards. Our commitment to innovation is evident through meticulous pre-planning, engaging with employers, and continuous sector research.

Why choose Realise for your apprenticeship journey

  1. Experience matters: At Realise, we don’t just follow apprenticeship standards; we set them. With over thirty years of experience, our journey involves constant evolution and adaptation to emerging standards. We’ve been at the forefront, developing new standards to meet the evolving needs of the sector. 
  2. Flexible and individualised curriculum: Our curriculum is not one-size-fits-all. We understand that each apprentice is unique, and we celebrate this individuality. Upon joining Realise, prospective apprentices undergo a thorough initial assessment. Based on this, we craft individualised plans that cater to their specific needs. This ensures that every apprentice is not only supported adequately but is also appropriately challenged to stay engaged throughout their learning journey.  
  3. Employer-centric approach: As a manager, your role is crucial in supporting apprentices. That’s why we’ve created an employer curriculum, designed to assist you in guiding your apprentices through their learning programmes. This curriculum also helps identify opportunities to fulfil the 20% off-the-job training requirement, ensuring a seamless and supportive learning experience for both employer and apprentice.  
  4. Engaging learning environment – Our commitment is not just to educate but to inspire. We go beyond traditional teaching methods to create an engaging learning environment. Real-world scenarios, interactive sessions and collaborative projects are integral to our courses, ensuring that apprentices are not just trained but transformed into industry-ready professionals.   

Karen Derbyshire

“We want to support the next generation of early years practitioners to be the best they can be that’s why our curriculum focusses on innovation.” – Karen Derbyshire, Operations Director for Early Years and Education. 

Apprenticeship training:

20% of the apprenticeship training must teach new knowledge, skills and behaviours that will contribute to not only the achievement of an apprenticeship but the role the apprentice is working towards.  

The 20% of apprenticeship training is calculated using the apprentices contracted employment hours across the whole apprenticeship. The apprentice’s trainer will work with you to identify opportunities to fulfil this obligation. They will mainly include: 

Programme activities:  

  • Engage in workshops and webinars with their trainer assessor. 
  • Independent learning to deepen their understanding. 
  • One-to-one sessions to address specific learning needs. 
  • Attend quarterly professional webinars with early years experts. 

Naturally occurring activities:  

  • Stay updated on policies affecting their role.  
  • Participate in team meetings to enhance collaboration.  
  • Take part in reviews and appraisals for continuous improvement. 
  • Undertake planning and observations under guidance.   

Specifically targeted tasks: 

  • Observe and engage in daily routines and activities.  
  • Shadow experienced colleagues to learn best practices.  
  • Contribute to research projects to enhance their knowledge.  
  • Meet key people within the setting, including SENCO and DSL. 
  • Receive coaching and mentoring within the workplace.  
  • Read and review policies and procedures, witnessing their implementation in action.  

Our experienced trainers will work closely with your apprentice to identify opportunities for off-the-job training. We understand that every learner is unique, and our tailored approach ensures that our apprenticeship training is a meaningful and enriching experience.