Donna achieves her care leadership and management qualification!


Donna achieved her level 5 care management apprenticeship in spite of having a stroke, during her course, which caused damage to her sight and slight brain damage.

Donna’s story

In February 2020 Donna suffered a stroke which caused her to lose sight in her left eye and slight brain damage, which means that Donna can sometimes forget the words she needs. This meant that Donna required additional support from Realise and her assessor to help her to complete her qualification.   

Donna explained, “Due to my health I found this qualification challenging at times. However, my assessor always supported me and helped me to stay on track. She delivered and explained the criteria in a way that allowed me to learn at my pace, due to my stroke, instead of taking a break in learning.”  


Support from Realise

The additional assistance from Realise meant Donna felt determined to complete her qualification and was supported in doing so.

Donna told us: “Realise helped me stay motivated, build my confidence, and empowered me to continue pushing forward to achieve my personal goal. I would like to thank my assessor for her continued support in this.”  



My apprenticeship gave me a bigger insight into the skills needed to further my career.

Donna Munasser talking about the benefits of doing an apprenticeship

The impact of the course

Donna also talked about the impact she believed the qualification has had on her practice and day-to-day working.

Donna told us: “I am more knowledgeable within my role, ensuring that I continue to run a safe service, implementing and updating policies and legislation.”  

Completing a Level 5 qualification in Care Leadership and Management has enabled Donna to better assist and support her team, effectively delegate tasks and avoid micro-managing my colleagues. 

What is it like to complete and apply for an apprenticeship?

When we asked which part of the qualification Donna had liked the most she said, “I believe the most enjoyable part of this diploma for me was the coaching, mentoring, and the professional supervision.”  

Donna also described what the course is like for others thinking about applying: “The course is high quality, easy to understand and extra assistance is available if needed to provide more insight into children and adult social care. It has definitely improved the services I provide!”  

Are you thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

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