Alcohol awareness

This course will enable you to gain a good understanding of the strengths and effects of different types of alcohol and an awareness of the consequences alcohol consumption can have on others. 

Course overview

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About the course

The course will give you the opportunity to learn how to recognise the effects of withdrawing from alcohol and know some of the agencies offering help and information about alcohol misuse so that you are aware of the help available to those who may be suffering. This course can be used to support the development of potential health care professionals in work. 

Is this course right for you?

This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn more about the general subject or who may need a basic understanding of employment duties. 

What you’ll learn

You will learn about a range of topics, including: 

  • The unit strength of at least four alcoholic drinks.
  • The potential consequences of alcohol misuse.
  • How to identify reasons why people may misuse alcohol.
  • How to recognise some of the physical and psychological effects of alcohol misuse and be aware of the effects that alcohol can have on others.
  • The effects of withdrawing from alcohol.
  • How to identify sources of help and information about alcohol abuse. 
  • The agencies offering help and information about alcohol misuse both locally and nationally.

How you’ll learn

Your sessions will be tutor-led, and you will either complete the course online or face-to-face in a classroom and you will have a workbook for your learning. You will complete various activities, participate in a Q & A supported by PowerPoint presentations and submit your work online. 

Frequently asked questions

How much does this course cost?

This course is cost-free to the learner.

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