Essential digital skills

The level 1 essential digital skills training course is aimed to develop the digital skills needed for life or work.

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About the course

Essential Digital Skills is to empower learners with foundational digital competencies essential for personal, educational, and professional success in today’s digital age. Our programme aims to provide students with the knowledge to comfortably use digital devices and understand key terminology, enabling them to interact with digital technology confidently.

Is this course right for you?

With a fast-moving digital world, this course is for those who are looking to either get up to speed in their personal life or to take a step into gaining the knowledge of information technology to start an exciting new career. Whether you’re unemployed or want to gain new skills, this course could be right for you.

To complete the programme, you will need to be:

  • Over the age of 19

What you’ll learn

This course is packed with exciting and educational content.

You will take part in six sessions which will cover:

  • Using devices and handling information​
  • Creating and editing​
  • Communicating​
  • Transacting​
  • Being safe and responsible online.

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How you’ll learn

The course will take place in person and will cover the use of many different types of devices and applications on those digital devices.

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