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What is Multiply?

25% of companies in West Yorkshire say they want to improve their employees’ basic maths skills, Multiply can help. 

Multiply is a scheme designed to help build confidence and remove anxiety around maths and numeracy for people who are required to use such skills as some part of their job, without it being the dominant feature. 

For the employee, this provides the chance to enhance their career development and increase their skillset. For the business, it will help improve productivity and should assist with staff retention. 

We will create a tailored programme for your organisation meaning your team won’t learn anything which isn’t helpful to you. 

The course is free to the company as it is funded via the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. 

How can Multiply help your business?

In the UK, 48% of businesses said they were recruiting for roles that require hard data skills but 46% have struggled to recruit for these roles over the last two years. Offering Multiply and increasing the numeracy confidence of your potential or existing employees can help to improve your recruitment prospects and processes by widening the net of who you could employ or promote. 

The maths support can be flexible and we can train a ‘numeracy champion’ within your business who will be able to support their colleagues after the course has finished. 

What’s more, by enhancing your employee’s numeracy skills, knowledge and confidence you can help your business to thrive, benefits you may see include: 

  • Fewer errors in the workplace 
  • Improved productivity 
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem amongst your employees  

What will be covered?

Courses will be bespoke to your workplace and team’s needs.

Our expert trainers will complete a business needs analysis of our company and with your input, create a tailored course which will help to increase the productivity of your workforce.

Need more information?

No problem. It doesn’t matter if your query is big or small, our teams are here to help. Just complete a quick enquiry form and we’ll be in contact soon to assist you with your query.

Is your business eligible? 

The scheme is open to any business – regardless of which sector it operates in – which has staff who live in West Yorkshire, are aged over 19 and don’t have a grade C or 4 in GCSE maths. 


How will it be taught?

Our Multiply courses in West Yorkshire will be delivered in person at your workplace by one of our expert maths trainers.  

Depending on the requirements of each business, the training will be delivered for between two and 30 hours. 

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Frequently asked questions

How much will the qualification cost?

It is free and funded by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

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