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What is a Multiply Numeracy Champion?

25% of companies in West Yorkshire say they want to improve their employees’ basic maths skills, a Multiply numeracy champion in your workplace can help. 

Multiply is a scheme designed to help build confidence and remove anxiety around maths and numeracy for people who are required to use such skills as some part of their job, without it being the dominant feature. 

The course is free to the company as it is funded via the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. 

How can a Multiply Numeracy Champion help your business?

Designed by world renowned thought leader and author, Professor Colin Beard, this is a learning experience like no other.

This course creates numeracy champions who will support staff to break through maths fear & anxiety by changing mindsets and developing newfound confidence with numeracy in the workplace.

This is a different learning experience. Attendees should expect two days filled with activities which will unlock their potential, as well as receiving a toolkit to support numeracy at work without teaching it.

Benefits of having a numeracy champion in the workplace can include:

  • Increased confidence in numeracy tasks at work.
  • Reduced fear and anxiety around maths.
  • Increased productivity and less errors.
  • A team member to help sign post to further learning opportunities.

What will be covered?

The course will help you with:

  • Exploring your own relationship with numeracy and any mental barriers, as well as how these impact on their life.
  • Supporting positive conversations about numeracy by talking with others who may feel anxious too.
  • Joining a network of numeracy champions across the UK and play a part in changing the culture and attitude around numeracy using ongoing CPD and resources provided by Realise.
  • Supporting people with their number confidence, without having to teach maths.
  • Be available as a point of contact to answer simple numeracy questions.

Need more information?

No problem. It doesn’t matter if your query is big or small, our teams are here to help. Just complete a quick enquiry form and we’ll be in contact soon to assist you with your query.

Is your business eligible? 

The scheme is open to any business – regardless of which sector it operates in – which has staff who live in West Yorkshire, are aged over 19. 

How will it be taught?

Our Multiply numeracy champion course will be delivered in person over two days at a West Yorkshire location by one of our experiential trainers. 

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Frequently asked questions

How much will the qualification cost?

It is free and funded by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. 

We can cover back fill costs of up to £100 per person, per day for anyone attending the course.