Our top 10 reasons why you should do an apprenticeship


By undertaking an apprenticeship you can develop your skills, boost your CV and increase your earning potential, all whilst getting paid to do it!

Whether you have just finished school or are in an established career, taking the next step and starting an apprenticeship can feel daunting.

Here are the top 10 reasons why an apprenticeship could be the right option for you:

1. Earn and learn at the same time

Whether you are seeking employment or you are currently employed, taking part in an apprenticeship means that you can learn new skills at work and be paid to do it.

2. Advance your career

People who have completed an apprenticeship are 15% more likely to be hired or promoted by employers than those with other qualifications.

3. Gain a nationally recognised qualification

By completing an apprenticeship you will gain a work-based, nationally recognised qualification which you can take with you anywhere you go.


4. Receive tailored support

An apprenticeship may seem intimidating but you will be guided through every step of the qualification and you will receive personalised support to ensure you are able to achieve your full potential.

5. Get a head start on work experience

You will start building up relevant work experience as soon as you start your apprenticeship meaning that you can develop your skills quickly and put anything you learn back into your work.


6. Make your CV stand out

More than 80% of apprentices said that their career prospects have improved since completing their qualification.

7. Earn more

Those who have completed an apprenticeship can earn around £117,000 more, over the course of their career, than those without one.

8. Develop desirable skills

You will have the opportunity to build on your existing knowledge or learn new transferrable skills which employers always look for.

9. It’s flexible

You can do an apprenticeship at any time and at any age. The apprenticeship will work around you and you will receive 20% off the job (paid) training a week to work on your qualification.


10. Get exclusive discounts!

As an apprentice you would entitled to an NUS Apprentice Extra card which gives you exclusive discounts on clothing, food, events and more.


So, what’s holding you back from finding your dream apprenticeship?