Early Years Skills Bootcamps

Here you can find out more about Skills Bootcamps in the Early Years Sector.

Accelerate into early years

‘Accelerate into early years’ is our early years Skills Bootcamp – a short course specially designed to help people upskill, find a job, and start earning before enrolling onto a level 3 apprenticeship in the early years sector.

This programme has been developed in partnership with leading employers and local authorities and on completion, offers a direct route to a level 3 accelerated early years educator apprenticeship. If a candidate has completed a Skills Bootcamp, it will save up to 6 months of learning time as the apprenticeship will be completed in just 12 months, plus EPA. Meaning that you have a fully qualified level 3 member of staff sooner.

What’s involved?

The curriculum will cover:

  • The expected patterns of children’s development from birth to 5 years, and have an understanding of further development from age 5 to 7
  • How children’s learning and development can be affected by their stage of development and individual circumstances 
  • The importance of promoting diversity, equality and inclusion, fully reflecting cultural differences and family circumstances
  • The current early education curriculum requirements such as the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • When a child is in need of additional support such as where a child’s progress is less than expected. how to assess within the current early education curriculum framework using a range of assessment techniques such as practitioners observing children through their day to day interactions and observations shared by parents and/ or carers
  • The importance of undertaking continued professional development to improve own skills and early years practice
  • The legal requirements and guidance on health and safety, security, confidentiality of information, safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
  • Why health and wellbeing is important for babies and children
  • How to respond to accidents, injuries and emergency situations
  • Safeguarding policies and procedures, including child protection, recognise when a child is in danger or at risk of abuse, and know how to act to protect them
  • How to prevent and control infection through ways such as handwashing, food hygiene practices and dealing with spillages safely



The Skills Bootcamp is designed to be flexible and accessible. The candidate can attend and be taught face-to-face (3 week programme) or they can study online, attending live sessions (6 week programme).

This programme also pays for a DBS check and learners will complete their paediatric emergency first aid.

At the end of the Skills Bootcamp learners will get a guaranteed interview to progress onto an apprenticeship.

The programme is taught by childcare experts, who have a wealth of experience from working in the sector.

Candidates will also be provided with a Careers Coach to provide wrap around support and will assist the learners for up to 6 months after the programme.

Need more information?

Attend one of our drop in sessions to find out more.