Barbering Apprenticeships – There’s no better route for employers and aspiring barbers says Joth Davies


We caught up with Joth Davies, Owner of Savills Barbers to find why he chooses apprenticeships for his highly talented team.

About Joth Davis

Savills Barbers is renowned for being the ‘go to place’ in Sheffield for gentlemen’s cuts and grooming. They provide a fresh take on traditional barbering – one that keeps the tradition but also mixes it with the new and interesting.

Joth Davies has over 26 years’ worth of experience as a barber and is supported by an extensive team of master barbers and trainees. Joth has been working with Interserve Learning & Employment over the last 18 months and is a big advocate for work-based training.

Why did you choose apprenticeships for your staff?

An apprenticeship provides the perfect balance of shop floor experience and ‘tried and tested’ professional qualifications. We much prefer to nurture our own home grown talent and to deliver the Savills bespoke training to develop our learners into Savills Master Barbers, an apprenticeship enables us to do just that. In our opinion, there is no better route for both the employer and aspiring barber.

What made you decide to appoint Realise as your training provider?

We have found Realise to be the most professional company that we have ever dealt with for our apprenticeship needs. From our initial first meeting to the ongoing support and training content, we have at last found a company that mirrors our own high standards. We feel that we enjoy a great partnership and meeting of minds.

Joth Davies -

We have found Realise to be the most professional company that we have ever dealt with

Joth Davies

Can you tell us a little bit about your Training and Development Officer at Realise??

Vanessa Temperton is an extremely approachable lady and also a consummate professional. She motivates learners with her positive, upbeat communication and we appreciate the fact that she always delivers on her promises, is punctual and has great communication.

Do you want to learn more about our apprenticeships?

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