Beth’s five top apprenticeship skills


Hi, I’m Beth!

I’ve recently started at Realise as a digital marketing executive to support the business with their recent rebranding and ongoing online presence.
Alongside my work, I am undertaking an apprenticeship which has given me the opportunity to expand my learning and skills. I’ve written a blog to tell you all about the five top apprenticeship skills I have learnt so far…

Inspiring, empowering, and enabling!

That is my idea of marketing.  

Graduating in lockdown has been an experience in itself!  

Additionally, starting my first full-time job as a Digital Marketing Executive with Realise has been fun despite its challenges.  

To be honest, I was apprehensive about starting a role that was digitally focused, as I had not studied marketing strategies or digital analytics before.  

However, Realise has given me the chance to explore my potential in digital marketing within such a supportive environment. 

My manager at Realise offered me the opportunity to do a digital marketing apprenticeship. This meant I could develop my digital skills and earn a marketing qualification alongside workplace experience. 

Here are the five top apprenticeship skills I have developed so far:   

I had always thought I was reasonably IT literate – I could use Microsoft, post on social media, and attach documents to emails, what more did I need to know? – Turns out, quite a lot!    

I have been able to delve deeper into the digital world and gain a broader understanding of what it entails. By learning how to use ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ tools and how to edit websites has enabled me to understand the work behind creating targeted and successful digital campaigns.  

Making personal connections in the digital world

Due to the Covid –19 pandemic, I have only ever met my colleagues and Development Officer online, which has been weird, to say the least!   

To stop myself from feeling disconnected from my colleagues I always make sure I meet up with my manager via Zoom at least once a week to chat about work, but also what we are up to in general! As awkward as this may have felt at the start, it helped me to feel  much more comfortable  in the virtual workplace.   

Independent working and learning to take responsibility

Managing my apprenticeship and work can be difficult, but was given several tools to aid my independent working. 

One of the first modules I did included how to set a target for yourself using the S.M.A.R.T technique and a personal development plan. This involves making your objectives, specific, achievable with a certain or time set to achieve them.  This stopped me from becoming  overwhelmed and keep focused on my work.  

Creating engaging content

Exciting digital content has become even more essential as more of our world moves online. It is something I have constantly thought about since starting my apprenticeship, especially whilst writing this blog! 

At Realise, one of our biggest sources of content is case studies as it demonstrates our work through the experience of real people. I have had to adapt surveys, quotes, or objective information into captivating stories which our audience would want to read. 

Maintaining a productive work environment

I have had to learn to be strict with myself and my hours, especially since working from home makes you feel like you never get to leave work. Ensuring I take regular short breaks to look away from my screen and get outside for at least 30 minutes a day.

Alternatively, ensuring you always have a cup of tea on hand can help too!

Do you want to learn new skills?

A Realise apprenticeship gives you the chance to learn, earn and achieve straight away!