Char Smith’s Empowering Journey with Realise


Char completed the Level one Hairdressing course and is now considering a new career path.

About Char:

Char Smith, a dedicated mother who previously worked in retail, decided to take a step towards a new career by enrolling in the Level 1 Hairdressing course offered by Realise. Despite initial nerves, she quickly found her stride and enjoyed the practical aspects of the course.

We asked Char why she chose to take the hairdressing course:

“I saw an advert on Facebook for a fully funded course and it caught my attention. I was looking for a change and this seemed like a great opportunity to learn something new while staying at home with my children.”

We asked Char about her favourite part of the course:

“The practical part of learning was always the most fun. We all got along really well which made the learning process enjoyable. It felt less like a class and more like a group of friends learning together.”

We asked Char about her future plans:

“This course has given me another choice of career path to consider. I’m now thinking about going further with it. I’d like to settle back into work and gain more self-confidence. This course was a great first step towards that goal.”

Char spoke about her tutor, Liam: “Liam was a great teacher and always explained things in depth. He was always up for a laugh and joke which made it more comfortable and relaxing. He was always quick to tell us how we could improve or do better, and always tried to push is each week. I’m really happy Liam taught us and I have gained a lot from both the course and Liam being a great tutor.”

“Realise offers a supportive and engaging learning environment. If you’re considering starting a course, definitely go for it! It’s a great opportunity to learn and grow.”

Char Smith

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