Charlene has her sights set on the classroom!


After completing a fully funded preparing to work in schools course at level 1, Charlene is progressing to level 2 and taking functional skills in maths.

Charlene’s story so far:

“I have been a stay at home, single parent for the last 4 years and had little interaction with other adults, very often just staying home when the children were in school.”

Charlene decided to sign up for the level 1 preparing to work in schools mid-September after being referred by a friend. Since completing, she has already signed up for level 2, plus her functional skills maths and English. Charlene has come so far already from being a stay at home mum to now getting closer to her dream of working in schools, with a fully-funded course with Realise she can see a sustainable job in the future to support her family.

“Enrolling on this course is one of the best things I’ve ever done as it has given me so much confidence and made me feel valued as a person.”

Charlene Foy

Charlene’s interview

We asked Charlene what she liked best about the Level 1 preparing to work in schools course:

“During this course I’ve learnt so much and really enjoyed every topic we’ve covered such as British Values, Safeguarding, Communication and Teamwork and Child Development.”

“My tutor Lindsey has amazing people skills and her delivery of each subject has been fantastic, not only in her knowledge but the way she has engaged everyone in the class with praise, encouragement and guidance. I have listened to advice from Lindsey and I’m currently volunteering in a local school to help develop my knowledge on a practical level.”

We asked Charlene what she see hopes will happen after completing the level 2:

“I am really looking forward to starting the Level 2 course and completing Functional skills in Maths and English. Hopefully, once I have completed them I will have the knowledge and confidence to go into employment, preferably in a SEND setting.”

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