Humaira has gained confidence and knowledge during her digital skills course which will help her when applying for jobs.


Find out below how Humaria is giving herself the best chance of finding sustainable employment with our free digital skills course.

Humaria’s story

Humaira is currently unemployed and looking for work, she recognised the importance of staying competitive in the job market and proactively made the decision to enhance her skill set to improve her CV. When Humaria saw the free Realise digital skill course advertised, she knew it would be useful for any jobs she wanted to apply for. By taking advantage of the courses available to her, Humaria not only expanded her knowledge but also increased her employability in a competitive job market. Now feeling more confident with an improved CV to show off her new skills, Humaira can apply for jobs knowing she has the knowledge ready to apply to a new role.

“Every day of the course was memorable because of Gail, and I feel a lot more confident because of it. I decided to learn basic digital skills as I am unemployed and wanted to make my CV stronger.”

Humaira Jehangir

What is covered on the course?

During the digital skills course, you’ll learn how to speak to others using technology.

Topics covered will include:

  • How to get on the internet
  • Staying safe online
  • Sending emails
  • Creating letters

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