John gained his teaching confidence through the level 3 award in education and training.


Boosting confidence with one great course at a time – “The level 3 training course has made me feel more confident in the classroom”.

John Ball, Training and Development Officer.

 John found that he sometimes struggled with anxiety in the classroom, now feeling equipped after taking our Level 3 Award in Education and Training – he is more confident than ever.

“The level 3 training course has made me feel more confident in the classroom. Being in a classroom can sometimes be challenging for me, so the course has helped me deal with it a little better.”



“The training I received was excellent. Barry delivered the course at a good pace but had us all engaged from the start. He made the sessions great fun, but also got the learning points across at the same time. It made me all the more determined to complete the course, so much effort went in to make it enjoyable and beneficial.”

John Ball, Training and Development Officer.

John’s advice

We asked John if he has any advice for others thinking about starting a course with Realise.

He replied: “Enrol, take advantage of the opportunity to arm yourself with new skills. Personal development always has scope to improve or expand your knowledge and your skills. It’ll give you more confidence and satisfaction in your role. Plus, if you are enrolled in a cohort like I was, you feel part of a team and it’s amazing to see how you all support each other.”

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