Rachael's Career Progression with the HR Level 5 Apprenticeship


Rachael Rothwell completed the HR Level 5 apprenticeship and now feels more confident in her role as People Culture Manager.

Rachael Rothwell, the People Culture Manager at JBH in Manchester, had a background in Operations but sought to specialise in a specialist function.

With previous HR experience under her belt, she decided to undertake the HR Level 5 Apprenticeship with Realise to gain development in her chosen vocation.

Her motivation was clear – to progress her career in HR.

A typical day at work for Rachael is diverse and engaging:

“I am the only HR employee in a growing creative digital agency, so I am involved in the full employee lifecycle as well as providing strategic and operational support to develop the business.

“Every day is different from coaching managers to recruitment, training and business development.”

Rachael told us about her training with Realise:

“I wanted to utilise my existing knowledge and gain a qualification. I enjoyed the training and particularly liked the workshops, it’s nice to meet people in other industries and share experiences through the cohort delivery of the course.”

Rachael was guided throughout the programme by Anthony Fox. He told us:

“Rachael is the sole HR person in her small organisation with direct links to the senior leadership, so developing her HR knowledge and skills was fundamental to her role.

“Beginning at an already impressive starting point on the activity she was involved in, Rachel continued to develop even further and apply improved knowledge on business acumen, employment relationship management and building capability on business-critical projects throughout the apprenticeship, including key initiatives in equality, diversity and inclusion.”

We asked Rachael what she has taken away from the apprenticeship, she explained:

“I believe that this course has future proofed my career and accelerated my progression in my role.”

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