Breaking down mental health barriers.


Realise have been running a mindfulness course in Liverpool to raise awareness and teach different methods and techniques to create a healthy positive mindset that will help others to manage stress and anxiety.

Healthy and happy mindset

Realise are helping Liverpool’s mental health with the mindfulness course. The intention of the course is to raise awareness and learn different methods and techniques to create a healthy positive mindset, that will help manage stress and anxiety and build confidence and good self-esteem which in return will help create and maintain a positive healthy lifestyle.

My aim is to help empower learning positively through self-awareness, education, knowledge, skills and self-care by giving individuals in the local communities an opportunity to develop that all important “self”. By offering new skills and techniques to help deal with daily challenges and become more knowledgeable about their health and well-being which is much needed within the local communities to help build a healthier environment for self and others.

Linda Cullen, Employability Skills Tutor in Adult Education

One of our tips

One of our main tips that we teach during our sessions is to use emotional freedom techniques known as tapping – these are excellent for tapping out fears, anxiety and many other unwanted blocked emotions. It also brings you back to the room.

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