Realise and Bradford NHS are working to protect the community one vaccination at a time


Realise are proud to work alongside the local NHS team in Bradford to provide essential vaccinations for a healthy community

Realise and NHS team up

Realise has been working with the local NHS team in Bradford to provide a venue for mobile covid, flu and childhood vaccinations. These have taken place in Morrisons and Tesco car parks. Realise are currently taking steps towards a healthier future, by using their fully branded route to success bus for a venue for vaccinations; the bus is usually used to train learners to become local bus drivers. This is a brilliant scheme to help immunise local people living in a city where vaccinations rates are historically low. The Realise bus was at Morrisons in Girlington on Wednesday 25th October from 9.30am to 5pm and again at Tesco on Great Horton Road on Saturday 11th November to provide a safe, clean space for the NHS to immunise people from the local community. The bus was used to vaccinate both children and adults at each session.

The Realise training bus is our classroom on wheels, it is usually used to teach the Route to Success course aiming to help the nationwide bus driver shortage. Route to Success is a fully-funded training course that gives anyone with a full UK drivers licence the skills they need to become a bus driver, including a guaranteed interview with a local bus company for anyone who completes the course.

“We were really happy with the turn out, there were a lot of people booked in for jabs, especially children and young adults. It was great to see so many people turning up to take advantage of the opportunity to get vaccinations and ensuring they are fully vaccinated”

Pocholo Barandia

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