Kelly’s life changed on the first day of her first teaching assistant course. She felt confident and motivated, with a new perspective on life.


Read all about Kelly’s story below and how the teaching assistant course has made a huge impact on her life and future career prospects.

Kelly’s interview

We asked Kelly why she decided to take the preparing to work in schools course?

It’s gave me so much motivation to achieve my goal which is working with children as a teaching assistant. I would love to work with SEN children as my daughter has autism and ADHD so making a difference to children with special needs means a lot to me. With Lindsey’s help and vast amount of knowledge, I’m pretty confident I will reach that goal.”

How has taking this training course helped you?

“Before I started the training course, I would find it quite hard to get out and about due to my anxiety, depression and OCD. I was extremely nervous about starting but I can honestly say from when I walked away from my first week of induction, I can truly say hand on heart that Lindsey and the girls have made a massive impact on my life and my mental health. Every week I look forward to attending the course.”

What was your favourite part of the course?

“I have honestly loved every single minute of my level one, we have covered so many areas including British values, health and safety, communication and teamwork, roles and responsibilities, child development. One area we covered was safe guarding children, which was a hard topic to learn but Lindsey made sure she delivered the lesson in the best way possible and we all took very crucial advice away with us that day.

What will you do with the skills and knowledge learnt on the course?

I am progressing to my level 2 with Lindsey and the girls which I am so excited for. I can’t wait to progress my knowledge even further and learn more that will help me advance further into working with children. After I am qualified, I would love to look into working with SEN children.”

“I can truly say, hand on heart that Lindsey and the girls have made a massive impact on my life and my mental health.”

Kelly Blessington

About the course:

The level 1 teaching assistant course aims to develop your knowledge of the teaching and learning environment.

Over seven-weeks, you will find out what it’s like to work within a school and will cover a variety of different phases that are crucial to succeed in education.

If you successfully pass the course, you’ll gain a level 1 award to add to your CV alongside valuable information to help you decide whether a career in a school is for you.


You will develop new skills that underpin your future success in an apprenticeship and/or school setting. The course includes:

  • Roles and responsibilities of schools as an organisation
  • Communication and team working
  • Safeguarding, equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Child development under the curriculum
  • Health, safety and wellbeing

Employability information, advice and guidance

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