After taking the level 1 teaching assistant course, Zara can’t wait to start the level 2 and is moving towards a brighter future for her family.


Zara, a stay-at-home mum was looking for a way into a sustainable job, to help support her five children. Find out about Zara’s story below and how Realise have given her the stepping stones she needed.

Zara’s story

Zara has dedicated her life to raising her five children and managing the household for a long time. She felt a growing desire to invest in her personal and professional development, and by taking the teaching assistant course she now feels as though she has the skills and knowledge to help her find a sustainable job to help support her family. “The course is a great stepping stone to move forward in life and gives you a good insight, into what to except from the job.”

During the course Zara feels as though she has not only gained vital skills and knowledge to boost her CV but also built friendships with other learners working with close minded individuals. Having an open environment to learn in has a variety of benefits, one of which is making learners feel more comfortable and open to discussions, sharing their opinions and ideas, which for Zara has meant meeting new friends from the area with the same drive to better themselves through learning.

Zara can now progress to the level 2 teaching assistant course, enhancing her CV and skill set to show to potential employers. We can’t wait to hear what opportunities have opened up since finishing the course.

Amazing course, amazing teacher, I have learnt loads and really want to progress to the level 2″.

Zara Curtis

About the course:

The level 1 teaching assistant course aims to develop your knowledge of the teaching and learning environment.

Over seven-weeks, you will find out what it’s like to work within a school and will cover a variety of different phases that are crucial to succeed in education.

If you successfully pass the course, you’ll gain a level 1 award to add to your CV alongside valuable information to help you decide whether a career in a school is for you.


You will develop new skills that underpin your future success in an apprenticeship and/or school setting. The course includes:

  • Roles and responsibilities of schools as an organisation
  • Communication and team working
  • Safeguarding, equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Child development under the curriculum
  • Health, safety and wellbeing

Employability information, advice and guidance

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