Choosing a training provider in 2023


If you're looking for a training provider to help you meet your goals in 2023, these tips will be helpful.

Top tips

Are you searching for a training provider in 2023? Here’s our top tips for picking a provider that will align with your values:

  • Ask questions if the provider has the necessary credentials, such as if they are government approved and what their Ofsted rating is.
  • Find the right fit for your organisation, your provider should understand the needs of your organisation and be able to adapt.
  • Do they offer a wide breadth of qualifications? All your apprenticeship training requirements could sit under one roof.
  • Individualising programmes is crucial, and employers should be encouraging their provider to adopt a flexible and agile approach.
  • Is quality at the heart of the training offer? At Realise, our ethos is to adopt a right learner, right programme approach where we focus on aligning our programmes with the needs of the learner.
  • Ask providers what ‘added value’ they can provide. They might be able to give you access to additional resources and learning platforms, or have extra qualifications embedded in their courses.
  • Your provider doesn’t have to be local, as many are national training providers. But it’s worth knowing if they have assessors near you or if the training can be offered online.
  • Are they recommended? You can find feedback on training providers from websites such as CourseCheck, the government website and even sector-specific Facebook groups. Most providers will be happy to show you testimonials if you ask them too.

In summary, the focus should always be on delivering training initiatives which constantly evolve to meet the current needs of both learners and employers, but which are targeted at the progression, experience and calibre of the individual.

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