Transition to Leadership in Adult Care

Looking to advance towards the management level in your health and social care career but are being held back? The transition to leadership bridging programme could be the perfect solution.

level 4 adult social care west yorkshire
Course overview

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4 weeks


West Yorkshire only

About the course

The transition to leadership bridging programme tackles barriers that learners face in accessing level 4 qualifications within the adult care sector. The course aims to boost staff confidence and ambition, empowering them to advance in their careers within the adult care sector towards leadership roles.

Crafted with expertise, the curriculum ensures learners gain a comprehensive understanding of leadership and innovative change management in adult social care settings.

This bridging qualification equips learners with the knowledge and tools to progress onto a level 4 qualification such as the lead practitioner in adult care apprenticeship or level 5 leader in adult care apprenticeship.

What’s more, thanks to local funding from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, this qualification can be completed for FREE and has no residency restrictions for those who hold a valid Health and Care Worker visa.

Is this course right for you?

This is the ideal programme for care workers who want to move into management-level roles such as deputy manager or team leader, but don’t have a level 4 qualification for whatever reason. It aims to break down barriers to make progression possible.

What you’ll learn

Over just four weeks, learners will complete their studies which will cover topics such as:

  • How to effectively promote a vision and positive business culture as a leader
  • The role and responsibilities of a leader in an adult social care setting
  • Theories and models of change management and good practice
  • Introduction to coaching and mentoring, effective customer service and the role and purpose of staff supervision.

How you’ll learn

The course is delivered in a variety of flexible ways, including classroom sessions in local training hubs in:

  • Bradford
  • Huddersfield
  • Leeds

The course also includes tutor-led webinars and remote learning with independent study.

1-2-1 further teaching and support sessions are also available online via Microsoft Teams.

In addition, all learners will receive wrap-around support for any digital skills learning needs, with drop-in support days available.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Level 4 Transition to Leadership in Adult Care programme?

The level 4 transition to leadership bridging programme is designed to address any barriers to progressing towards the level 4 qualification.

How can you progress in a care career?

The level 4 bridging qualification is the ideal programme to gain skills and a qualification to progress further.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Level 4 Transition to Leadership in Adult Care programme?

Participants must be:

  • aged 19+
  • live in West Yorkshire
  • currently employed in the Health and Social Care sector

Usual residency rules for funded qualifications of residing in England for 3 years do not apply and we welcome applicants who hold a Health and Care Worker visa.

How long is the course?

This is a 4 week programme.

How many sessions are required?

Staff would be expected to attend sessions 3 days per week for the 4 weeks. This would consist of a 1:1 session (2 hours), an online webinar (2 hours) and a face to face classroom session (5-6 hours based in our Huddersfield/Bradford Realise Hub).

Is there any manager involvement required?

There is a Mid-point review which consists of a 2 hour session with learners and managers.

How will work be assessed?

With this programme there is minimal assignment writing, assessments will be encouraged via professional discussions.

Are there any minimum entry requirements?

Staff would be expected to have a level 3 course within the care sector (or equivalent) prior to starting this programme. Staff from overseas may have qualifications attained previously that meet this requirement.