Understanding the control, handling and replenishment of stock in a retail business

Understand the skills involved in handling and replenishing stock in your working environment with our short course

Course overview

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About the course

The course will equip you with better knowledge and understanding of stock-taking, handling, and replenishing in a retail environment so that you can effectively help your team to undertake these responsibilities.

You will be given the opportunity to understand the principles of stock control, the procedures for replenishing stock, and how to move, handle and store stock. The learning in this course can be used in any working environment where stock is identified as a work requirement


Is this course right for you?

The course is suitable for anyone who has a desire to work in a warehouse/factory or logistics, retail, or stock control environment or anyone who has limited knowledge or experience of the sector. 

Elqira Wiglet

My trainers have been very supportive!

Elwira Wiglat, Senior Support Worker, Pinfold

What you’ll learn

You will learn about a range of topics during your course including: 

  • How to identify the key features of a stock control system and the technology that can be used in stock control.
  • How to list the benefits of effective stock control and procedures.
  • How to identify the different techniques and methods for moving, handling, and storing stock including how it is kept secure.
  • How to record where and in what conditions different types of stock should be stored.
  • How to identify procedures for dealing with the removal of waste and state why it is important to follow procedures for dealing with its removal.

How you’ll learn

Your sessions will be tutor-led, and you will either complete the course online or face-to-face in a classroom and you will have a workbook for your learning. You will complete various activities, participate in a Q & A supported by PowerPoint presentations and submit your work online. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I do this course if I do not have a lot of experience handling or controlling stock?

Yes, this course is to build and develop your skills, knowledge and behaviours with regards to stock control and handling.

How much is this course?

This course is free to the learner.

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