Dale forges successful career in bus industry


Dale Carline is motoring through the ranks at Stagecoach, progressing from apprentice bus driver to leading driver in less than two years.

About Dale

Dale, 42, started his Stagecoach Level 2 bus driver apprenticeship with Realise in May 2021.

He quickly took to the role and has since finished his training, completed thousands of miles on the roads of Barnsley and received a promotion.

As leading driver Dale now has additional office responsibilities on top of driving, including planning bus journeys around diversions, liaising with the public, dealing with breakdowns and reinstating routes.

Dale decided to embark on a career in bus driving after more than 20 years as a car mechanic.

Sale talked about the course, saying:

He said: “Straight from college I became a mechanic and worked up to MOTs. Eventually I moved into management and I just lost all my drive and ambition. I knew it was time for a change.

“I’ve always fancied being a Class 2 driver so when I saw the opportunity to become a Cat D driver with Stagecoach I went for it.

“I worked hard and completed my apprenticeship. I loved the process and the support I got from Realise was tremendous.

“If I had any problems or needed support they were there to help me through, even out of hours.

“I’m really glad I took the leap of faith, left an industry I knew and tried something different. I’ve got my passion back.”

Mick Knowles, Senior Training Development Officer at Realise, said:

“Whenever we have new apprentices starting on their bus driver journey I tell them that it’s possible to achieve a management role with hard work.

“It’s really pleasing that we have had a number of people do just that and Dale has achieved it particularly quickly.

“He’s done very well and has taken on board everything that we’ve told him.”

I’m really glad I took the leap of faith, left an industry I knew and tried something different. I’ve got my passion back.

Dale Carline

Dale urged others to consider taking on an apprenticeship.

“People think apprenticeships are just for young people and they also think you always have to take a hit on income, but that’s not the case,” said Dale. “Stagecoach apprentices are paid the same as a qualified driver once you’ve gained your PCV licence, which is usually after around six weeks of the 12 month apprenticeship.”

About the course:

A role with Stagecoach can offer job security, regular income, a positive working environment, new skills and progression opportunities.

The only requirements are a driving licence with no more than six penalty points on it and a passion for delivering a great customer experience.

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