Realise launches new specialisms for care workers


As the health and social care sector continues to evolve and become more diverse, demanding and challenging care settings need training which suits their changing needs.

NEW Health and Social Care specialisms

To keep up with the dynamic and growing needs of the care sector, Realise is proud to launch six new specialisms for learners at apprenticeship and diploma level. Expertly designed to align with Skills for Care’s upcoming workforce strategy, the specialist programmes will help tackle the ‘leaky bucket’ recruitment and retention crisis within the health and social care sector.

Care providers can deliver bespoke curriculum to their staff that is better-aligned with their specific development pathways. Participants can develop in-depth knowledge of a particular topic,  giving them the opportunity to take on more responsibility or a leadership role when taking care of service users.


Introducing the specialisms…

The specialisms are available on our level 2-5 apprenticeship courses and our level 2 and level 3 diploma only courses. The topics covered include:

  • Dementia care – Learners will develop their knowledge, skills and behaviours when delivering all aspects of safe and compassionate dementia care.
  • Elderly residential care services – Participants will advance their ability to deliver good quality and empathetic care to the elderly within residential care settings.
  • Learning disability care services – Participants’ will expand on their knowledge of adult learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions.
  • Mental health care services – This specialism will develop learners’ ability to work with those who are seeking or require mental health support.
  • Treatment and recovery care services – Participants will be equipped with the expertise to provide compassionate care to individuals seeking help for addiction or mental health issues.
  • Community care services -This will strengthen learners’ understanding of how to support individuals to experience a rich and fulfilled life whilst living at home.

Offering a tailored development opportunity for our employees will help improve staff retention because they will better see the relevance of each element of their programme to the actual jobs they are doing. Where there is relevance, there is always engagement and desire to progress.

Sam Cave, Training Manager and Data Protection Officer at Ashmere Care Homes

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