Realise officially a ‘great place to work’


Realise has secured ‘Great Place to Work’ accreditation at the first attempt.

Great Place to Work certification

As one of the UK’s leading training providers, we know better than anyone how important a part people play in the success of any business.

Great Place to Work is an internationally recognised certification available to businesses to assess the culture which runs throughout their company.



How we’re measured

All colleagues are given the chance to complete a Trust Index survey, with the results analysed.

One of the key criteria is how many employees offer a favourable response to working at Realise. Anything in excess of 65 per cent of favourable responses secures Great Place to Work certification and we were thrilled to secure a total of 91 per cent.

As a high-scoring certified organisation, we will now be considered to feature within the Best Workplace lists which will be published early next year.

Other results saw 94 per cent of colleagues respond favourably when asked if they had confidence in the senior executive team, while 99 per cent feel they were treated fairly at Realise, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

More than 97 per cent of responses had confidence in the management team, including having a clear view on the long-term direction of the business, while 93 per cent felt their current position had special meaning and was “more than just a job.”

Gregg Scott, Managing Director of Realise, said:

“Our people strategy is at the heart of the long-term vision for Realise.

“We are an inclusive business that helps people fulfil their potential through our learning and training programmes.

“To ensure that is running successfully, we need to be confident that our own people are feeling positive about their work at Realise and these results are testament to that.

“Many companies are unsuccessful at their first attempt to secure Great Place to Work status so we are thrilled to have scored so highly and it’s a fantastic platform to work from as we aim to continue strengthening our people strategy and policies.”

Around 88 per cent of Realise colleagues completed the survey while company culture, programmes and practices were also taken into account for the culture audit.

Our people strategy is at the heart of the long-term vision for Realise.

Gregg Scott, Managing Director, Realise

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