Stacey Williams: An inspirational diploma journey


Stacey Williams - from Baby Room Leader to Nursery Manager, is a shining example of how diplomas can transform careers.

Motivation to learn:

Stacey Williams, Nursery Manager at Seedlings Montessori Childcare in Burneston, Bedale, embarked on a journey of further education that transformed her career in the early years sector. As a level 3 Baby Room Leader, Stacey’s dedication and ambition drove her to seek further knowledge and enhance her understanding of childcare management. She aspired to grow her confidence and take on more responsibilities, ultimately leadeing to her current role as Nursery Manager.

“Being an Acting Deputy Manager during my colleague’s maternity leave, and the possibility of a job share arrangement, motivated me to pursue a diploma. I wanted to expand my knowledge and gain a better understanding of childcare management,” Stacey explained.

Key responsibilities as a diploma student:

As Acting Deputy Manager, Stacey was responsible for overseeing the nursery’s day-to-day operations, including managing staff, creating schedules and ensuring that the nursery met all safety regulations. She kept her manager and owner updated on any changes or developments, demonstrating a keen sense of responsibility. Additionally, she meticulously completed staff and children’s rotas, enabling the nursery to operate seamlessly.

“Running the day-to-day activities, keeping everyone informed and planning events were some of my key responsibilities during my diploma studies. It was crucial to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for the children,” Stacey elaborated.

Support from Realise:

Amidst her diploma studies, Stacey benefited greatly from the exceptional teaching and guidance provided by the Trainer Assessors at Realise. They recognised her learning style and tailored their approach to suit her needs.

“They knew that I wasn’t the best at learning in a school environment, so they adapted and took the time to explain my assignments to me. They made sure I had all the correct information to move forward,” Stacey shared.

The support provided by Realise was invaluable to Stacey’s learning and personal growth. Our Trainer Assessors were able to understand her unique learning style and adapt their methods accordingly. Their flexibility and willingness to cater to her needs contributed significantly to her success throughout the diploma journey.

“They made me feel confident while doing my course. I felt like I could reach out to my tutor about any worries I had regarding assignments,” Stacey expressed gratefully.

Overcoming challenges:

One significant challenge that Stacey encountered was the demanding nature of juggling a fully time job, coursework, and maintaining a social life. However, with the guidance of her Trainer Assessor, she was able to devise a plan to manage her time effectively.

“Balancing work, coursework and having a social life was challenging, but my tutor helped me figure out a plan to carry out my coursework on a time frame. Having deadlines to work towards really helped,” Stacey shared.

Reflection on her experience:

Reflecting on her experience, Stacey attests to its profound impact on her personal and professional growth. Starting as a Room Leader, she steadily progressed to the role of Deputy Manager and eventually ascended to become the Nursery Manager. The diploma provided her with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to thrive as she moved into leadership positions.

“The diploma has helped me to develop from a Room Leader to a Deputy to now a Manager of the nursery. It has been a journey of personal and professional growth,” Stacey affirmed.

Thoughts from Realise:

Kate Sygrove, Lead Trainer at Realise, commented: “Stacey is a great example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication. She completed our level 4 and 5 diplomas with flying colours, and her progress from Baby Room Leader to Deputy and then to Manager, is a testament to her skills and abilities.

“The level 4 diploma is a challenging but rewarding qualification that covers a wide range of topics including child development, legislation in childcare and partnership working. The level 5 diploma builds on this and provides learners with further depth and brings in areas such as pedagogy, safeguarding and management, enabling individuals to pursue leadership roles within the early years sector.

“I’m so proud of Stacey for all the hard work she’s put in. She’s an asset to her nursery and I know she’ll continue to be successful in her career.”

Advice for others considering a diploma:

When asked to share advice with those considering or pursuing an early years diploma, Stacey wholeheartedly recommends the experience.

“It’s worth doing if you don’t want to go to college or don’t work well in a school environment. You get so much more experience and learn better while working on the job,” Stacey emphasised.

Learning with Realise:

Stacey’s inspirational journey serves as a testament to the power of diplomas in transforming careers.

Her dedication, coupled with the exceptional support of our team, allowed her to flourish and become a capable and confident nursery manager. By sharing her story, Stacey hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams and consider the invaluable opportunities that diplomas provide in the early years sector.

Learning with Realise:

If you’re interested in hearing more about learning with Realise, we encourage you to visit our course page or contact us for an initial conversation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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