Greater Manchester health and social care services receive training boost


Health and social care settings in Greater Manchester are set to benefit from a new training programme aimed to upskill more than 200 workers in the sector.

About the scheme

People from Greater Manchester working in health and social care are being given the chance to progress their careers by completing the diploma level 3 qualification. 

The scheme will be delivered by one of the UK’s leading training providers Realise as part of Greater Manchester’s adult skills level 3 targeted offer which provides a unique ‘single-pot’ approach to the funding of level 3 qualifications. 

GMCA’s overall programme will deliver level 3 training to 4,000 residents across multiple sectors, including manufacturing, professional services, hospitality, retail and logistics. 

About the qualification

The adult care diploma, which takes between eight and nine months to complete, is open to anyone working in health and social care over the age of 19, with a Greater Manchester postcode and who doesn’t have a level 3 qualification – typically a diploma, apprenticeship or A Levels.  

Unemployed learners and those working but earning below the Greater Manchester Combined Authority low wage threshold are also eligible, and are able to undertake a second level 3 qualification. 

The course is fully funded and is at no cost to either the participant or their employer with 220 health and social care workers in Greater Manchester set to benefit. 

As well as the mandatory elements of the training programme, the diploma provides the opportunity to focus on certain specialisms including autism and dementia. 

Adrian Grove, Realise Sales Director and lead for health and social care for Realise, said:

“One of the main challenges facing the health and social care sector at present is the high number of vacancies being recruited for, with some national estimates putting that figure as high as 160,000. 

“Part of those recruitment challenges are the lack of a clear career pathway for support workers and senior support workers to progress. The diploma we are delivering is designed to offer precisely that progression. 

“Not only will this provide opportunities for people working within health and social care to upskill, it will also help ease the pressure on health and social care settings from a recruitment standpoint and drive improvement in the delivery of the care.” 

The course will provide opportunities for people to upskill and ease the pressure on health and social care settings.

Adrian Grove, Realise Sales Director and lead for health and social care

What will the programme do?

The aim of the programme is to train support workers to enable them to take up leadership roles and deliver effective guidance and training at the frontline of care delivery.  

Sessions will be delivered both inside and outside of the candidate’s current working environment through a combination of online webinar training, face-to-face visits and observations. Each learner will be supported with a dedicated trainer. 

Adrian added:

“The qualification has a benefit for both the participant and the employer so it’s a real partnership which can make a massive difference to both the individual taking the diploma and the setting they are working in.” 

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